Easter 2022 – Hope!

Here are a few photos of the flowers in church at Arpafeelie this morning! The church was full of people, bells, tambourines and glorious Alleluias and a few Easter Bunnies too.

Thanks to the musicians, bakers, coffee makers and flower fairies for a wonderful morning! Thanks also to Father Mel!

To people who say religion is no more – you are wrong. People may not attend church weekly as they once did but on festivals such as this they come back! Whether it is culture, family pressure, a need to worship or something else I do not know but they come, sing and share – & a good time was had by all!

Completing my Easter Sunday morning was a belated dog walk ( no photos I’m afraid) but we ran into a neighbour walking 3 lambs in harnesses! Puppy Orla was quite taken with the odd looking ‘puppies’ & they quite liked her too!

My neighbour was waiting to take the lambs up to the local care home so the residents could see them! Now that is a care home I want to go to if it ever becomes necessary!

And now it’s 2pm and the sun is out! Time for chocolate eggs in the garden!

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

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