Spring has arrived…and yet….

What a glorious day! Yesterday I got the garden furniture out in anticipation of the coming of spring. Facebook reminded me that on the last day of February in 2021 I was sitting in the garden feeding the last of an ice cream cone to (my then only) dog. 

Sadly yesterday was not quite warm enough to sit in the garden but it was OK for pottering and for the first time this year the washing went on the line and not into the tumble drier (one small victory in the battle against climate change).

Today we have had blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, dog walks without the need of a coat and the crocuses have en masse raised their heads to the sun.  Spring has arrived!

Of course there is still snow on Ben Wyvis and history tells me there may be more before it finally disappears. After all I do live in North Scotland. Still first day working in the garden largely repairing the damage done by the dogs over the winter!

Two months in to the year and it’s time to review those resolutions. 

I remain grateful for what I have and am still working on being less grumpy. Friends will need to tell me if I’ve succeeded!

Duolingo continues. I have read a book a fortnight

The weight is down but not as much as I’d like. However Lent starts tomorrow so I’m still hopeful of achieving the 21 pounds by Easter.

Still loving my exercise regime and have added some more cardio sessions. If this weather continues it will be time to get the trike out!

Dry January morphed into ‘Belle’s 100 day challenge’ and I’m on day 60 today. No alcohol this year at all so far and I’m discovering interesting alternatives. Ginger ale and lime is a particularly pleasant go to.

I have a delivery due this month from the Craft Gin Club but it will stay in the box until Easter when I will enjoy the treats and mixers and syrups and maybe, just maybe gift the actual gin to an appreciative friend. In any event we’ll be well past the 100 days at Easter!

So all is well here, and yet….

The elephant in the room.

The armies of Sauron are marching in the east.

Who would have expected such a thing! The coverage is heartbreaking. Watching what the Ukrainians are suffering at the moment and knowing, just knowing that it will get much worse before it gets better and that the effects will spread to affect us all is just mindblowingly awful.

I am so proud of the Ukrainians mobilising to fight for their freedom and of the countries of Europe and the world. The support for refugees crossing the borders, donations to help and the work of the EU, NATO and the United Nations is amazing.

The least effect here will be increased food and fuel prices, bad enough for the poorer among us. The worst will be war, even nuclear war. How could this happen in the twenty first century.

I wondered whether it was wise to post about my year to date and about the joy of the arrival of spring but we cannot be cowed by those who want to remove our joy and freedom.

So I will do what I can to help but I will also live gratefully and well and look to achieve what I want to achieve. It is the least we can do for our Ukrainian friends on the front line of the fight for freedom!

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