I don’t know about you but about half way through January I start to notice the glimmerings of increased light & I start to feel better, more motivated. This year was no different.

My new year plan of losing weight & dry January was progressing but as I noticed the light I just became more motivated. Motivated to do other things on my list, to contact a fencer to fix the garden fence, to book trips to the theatre (stuff you Covid, I’ve got plenty of FFP2 masks if necessary). More reading, walking, everything really. 

I fell into the Obsidian league on Duolingo over Christmas but this week I’m working to get back to Diamond. I’ve read four and a half books this month, lost some weight (not enough) and am on day 29 of dry January.

I’m really impressed with myself given the ongoing frustration of watching the political shenanigans roll out!

Boris still there (& looks like he will be for a few more weeks), potential war in Ukraine, cost of living increases. Lots of annoyance. Lots of concerns and lots of excuses to reach for gin & cake in whatever order.

On the gin (etc.) thing. Apparently not drinking is a thing. There was even a feature on Saturday Live on R4 this morning. There is a whole collection of sober bloggers, some self help books and a definite subculture. Think I’ll carry on for a while longer at the end of dry January. Next target, 100 days (a challenge on ). If I do that I’ll either stop or not. I stopped for 4 months once because of a health issue. I always like to beat a personal best!

Decision of the day today is whether to take the dogs out. Big storm blowing and every time it settles I decide to go & 5 minutes later it’s blowing and raining again. I have a neighbours swing bin lid in my front garden and the satellite dish is clearly resonating in the wind. 

I’m cooking flapjacks & I’ve already done my 70,000 steps for this week so I think I’ll just stay home and have a big  mug of tea and a flapjack when they’ve cooled & carry on watching the John Wayne western on TV  (satellite dish permitting!

I’m motivated – but I don’t have to do everything today!

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