Happy New Year – I love New Years Day too!

So did everyone have a good night? How is the hangover? Or are you one of those wonderful people who wake up totally positive at the arrival of the NEW YEAR?

I love New Years Day. Everything new, fresh & positive. I’ve been out with the dogs, wished the intrepid early morning joggers ‘Happy New Year’, got wet in the intermittent warm showers (climate change is happening folks) & am now back home with a cup of tea listening to the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna. Now it’s time for those resolutions!

My new chilled out grateful state self is going to try & be a bit more specific this year. I’m also going to chart a path to success not failure. After all if you take some steps along the road, and learn from the steps you are making progress!

I will do my best to be kind, helpful, grateful, less grumpy, more chilled. No smart measures here just committing to trying and as it’s now written down (and published) I’m accountable. I’ll also continue daily Duolingo.

The weight goal. Woah! This is a big issue. The resolution has been made every year since the year dot. I’ve had a weight problem all my life but my quieter more reflective life over the last couple of years has got me closer to cracking the problem. Closer but  not yet there.

Firstly I’ve found an exercise regime which works. 10,000 steps a day (mostly out with the dogs) an interesting weight training programme online (https://www.bemobilephysio.com.au). A brilliant programme offering weights, cardio, balance & juggling and all online with support. Based in Australia – who knew Covid lockdowns would lead me here!

Secondly listening to Richard Osman on Desert Island Discs yesterday I identified! If it’s in the cupboard I’ll eat it so I need to keep my cupboards lean! So sorry visitors but if you call for coffee you might get a biscuit but don’t expect anything more than a plain digestive! 

I’ve been following Noom. I haven’t lost much weight yet but I have learned a lot about myself and lots of tips to help. So on 1st Jan it’s time to recommit. I need to lose at least a stone and a half to be healthy. This is the year I will do it!

It will be a challenge as one of the things I’ve learned is that I can’t throw food away. I can be really creative as to what to do with it but food in the bin is an absolute no no! 

I think this goes back to my childhood. I don’t remember rationing  but it was still in place when I was born. My parents were always careful with food but fed me up at the same time. Deeply ingrained in my psyche and a real challenge!

However despite all this I will lose 21lbs by Easter and keep it off for the rest of the year! (SMART measure there – I’ve impressed myself! & unlike previous years it’s realistic!).

Thirdly dry January. I always say I’ll do it and sometimes I achieve it. This year I definitely will! Always good to prove I still can!

I’ve made myself a bit of a hostage to fortune on the alcohol front having precipitously responded to an annoying tweet (yes I know but we don’t learn do we?).

My reply including :- ‘Dry January is the start of the sobriety process leading through to sober October’ – was not intended to mean I’d stay sober until the end of October!

It could be interpreted that way so I may as well go for it! I may not make it but in any event there will be learning along the way & if I do make it I’ll be looking for donations to a suitable charity!

One thing is for sure, if I’m not  eating or drinking I’ll be reading a lot more this year. Time for another smart target I think!  So a book a fortnight (read or audio allowed) during the year will be the aim.

So there it is. In the spirit of New Year I’ve put it out there. I will now be accountable to you my readers. It’s going to be a journey & I’ve not even got into politics and climate emergencies stuff yet! (Spoiler alert – I may be a little less positive & chilled when I do!).

I remain grateful  for the year which was 2021 and optimistic and hopeful for 2022. I hope you can be for your New Year too!

Happy New Year all. I hope you’ll join me on the journey! Meanwhile back to Vienna, Daniel Barenboim conducting – GLORIOUS!

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