Don’t You Just Love New Year’s Eve!

This might be a strange title for those who have read my blog in the past. I’ve been rather quiet recently but I’ve decided to re-ignite it for the New Year.

For those expecting politics and climate stuff you will not be disappointed (how can I give up those issues) but this will be a year of my thoughts as they become, often unbidden, into the chaos of my consciousness!

So New Year’s Eve. The best of days. We’ve survived the first 6 days of the Christmas season with all that entails. We have another 6 days to go of course, until the Wise Men arrive in Bethlehem and the 12 days of Christmas are over.

This morning was cold but not icy. A calm day, perfect for a walk with the dogs. A neighbour kindly offering to pick up anything I needed for the shops – I don’t, really don’t need anything and probably won’t for at least a month but I really appreciated the offer and her friendship & the occasional home baking which appears on my doorstep. 

Why do we overstock for the only day of the year when the shops are (mostly but not totally) closed? I’ve bought less this year but somehow the fridge & freezer are still pretty full.  

It was great also to run into the postie, John this morning. He used to do this round but moved mid year. He was part of the glue keeping us together during lockdown and it was a pleasure to introduce my new (now 7 months old) puppy Orla and to wish him a Happy New Year. Sadly he is here as a colleague is ill and awaiting a PCR test. The sad reality of Covid.

Today’s the day when you achieved your New Year resolutions last year  or have no hope of doing so. Either way for me it’s a day of relaxation & calm acceptance of where I am today.

Leisurely breakfast (tea & toast). Online morning prayer – one of the pluses of Covid – good local worship available online – long may it continue (thanks Fr Mel)

Another cup of tea as I write this. Andre Rieu – Vienna Memories on in the background. A prelude to the New Year’s Day Concert from Vienna tomorrow. A tradition in this house!  One New Year I went to Prague. New Year’s Eve on the Charles Bridge, New Year’s morning at a real concert with all in their finery – a memory to treasure!

But back to here and now.  I’m happy in the here & now! This is quite a revelation to one who spends time aspiring, striving. Maybe I’m just getting old. 

I’m happy at home. I don’t have to be ‘doing’ all the time. Good job given the constraints of the year. I can still be inspired by politics. I live in a great community where I can contribute and care for people & I know that they too care about me.

More of my life has been online recently but that’s OK. I’m in touch with friends near and far – probably more so than before the pandemic. I sadly lost a very dear friend to cancer during the year. I will miss her and our adventures together but despite that, compared to many, I have been extremely fortunate.

If I could sum up the past year I would say that despite minor irritations and some challenges that I am more at peace with myself and I’m GRATEFUL.

Grateful for what I have, who I know, my friends, my supporters and my ability to contribute.

So I will chill out, finish a book I’m reading. Drink a toast to absent friends and to the future later on and set myself some resolutions for 2022 which I’m really looking forward to but more of that tomorrow.

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone when it comes!

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