Ten days on.


Well I can’t complain. I’m still Covid-19 free as far as I know. I’m out for my walk with Harry daily and I’m seeing neighbours albeit at a distance. 

No further health issues. Toby is fine though the surgery now closed for all but emergencies & I need to order pet medication on line. Next month.

My holiday in April is cancelled. The holiday company want me to take a 120% credit note but have not yet confirmed whether it can be used to pay for my already booked holiday in September. No refund (they’ll stop trading says the caller!). I suspect I may lose significant dosh but I will be home and safe.

The daily routine is a bit boring but manageable. Up, breakfast, bath, dress, dog walk. Then bible reading -I’m attempting to read it all this year – check out https://www.biblegateway.com/reading-plans/beginning/2020/01/01

Duolingo. Still doing French & Gaelic but have given up on Polish. Fiendishly difficult & I’m not now going.

Twitter, FB and some gaming (Solitaire, Jigsaw Puzzle and  Connect the Dots!).

The only fixed appointment in the diary is 11am virtual worship on Sunday http://www.scotland.anglican.org/broadcast-sunday-worship/ and a weekly shop. 

Next week it will be a click & collect & after that a precious home delivery which will I hope take me through the worst of this! Then back to urgent stuff from the local co-op.

Locally people are coping. Daily walks and chats at a distance & I hope that next week the temperature will rise and it will be possible to do some serious work in the garden. We have rainbows in the windows and some of us are showing our teddy bears for passing neighbours.

Meanwhile I’m doing my 10.000 steps plus 3K on the exercise bike daily. I’m raiding the booze and chocolate stash more than I should but am working it off & when it’s gone it’s gone!

Life is not too different, though I do worry about those seriously involved in the battle & I don’t like not being able to do what I want when I want. I’ll cope though & have plenty of reading to do in the garden when the weather improves.

Stay safe all. Don’t go stir crazy & remember we will come out the other side sooner or later!

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