Coronavirus 1


I’ve just been out for a walk with the delightful Harry. All is quiet. It feels like a Sunday. Only two others seen walking (in the distance) and a few cars but strange, really strange. Walking back through the housing estate. Cars in the drive, no children playing (though I suspect that won’t last!).

The whole week has been strange. I decided to take the advice and socially distance last week. Never before have I been so aware of my age and of the reported increased mortality of this virus as you get older.

I don’t have a long term condition. I am not yet 70. And yet, better safe than sorry!

So did I manage to socially distance this week?

Well no, not exactly.


Firstly the cat was poorly necessitating a trip to the vets on Monday followed by a return with a sample on Tuesday morning and another visit Tuesday PM for treatment.

On Monday we were allowed into the surgery. On Tuesday morning the sample had to be handed in through the window and by the afternoon the vet was striding across the car park, syringe in hand to inject the cat in the back of the car. The look of affront on the cat’s face was a picture! 

Another sample through the window in 10 days (unless things change at the vets).

Secondly 2 weeks ago I broke a tooth. I booked a dental appointment and as my dentist was just back from holiday and I was not in pain agreed to wait. (I have to say it did also cross my mind that I’d know whether or not she had picked up the virus by the time I saw her!).

Tooth fixed without injection or drill – result – and I just got in before the decision to see only people with pain or swelling. I postponed my check up to July & suspect it will be postponed again.  

Today I’m hearing optometrists are reducing services and there may be a delay on contact lens deliveries. That’s OK. My lens are delivered by post and I had an eye infection a month ago so I didn’t wear for a while. I have plenty.

Self care. Steering clear of the GP but then I can for all but the most serious things. Fingers crossed nothing serious in the next few months! As a retired Dr I have an idea of what is and is not serious but for those used to regular consultations and in need of other therapies it is going to be really difficult!

A plea here. Please stop over ordering prescriptions. The pharmacists are swamped. If you over order now there will be shortages for others and some of these drugs are, frankly, lifesaving!


People who know me know I am gregarious but that I can also be a grumpy old sod! As an only child and a life long single I am used to my own company so I’ll cope. Getting out with the dog gives me the chance to greet and wave at a distance from others out there. If we end up in total lockdown that will be difficult but let’s hope that if we are all sensible now that that doesn’t happen. Thank God for FB and Whats app!

I live in a great community with neighbours looking out for each other. Checking, offering to get shopping & of course there are supermarket deliveries though the slots are booked up for the next 3 weeks!

Which brings me to…


What can I say! I lived on an island for 10 years. Weather regularly meant deliveries did not arrive and I’m used empty shelves in the supermarkets. I always had some food in and continue to have tins in the cupboard and bread in the freezer as a back up.

On Tuesday being out anyway I visited the shops. No soap or hand gel or UHT milk but otherwise most things in stock. On Thursday I had a tip off of hand sanitiser delivery locally so went to put my name down for some & I went shopping. I strolled into the local Co-op and was shocked at the empty shelves and the grey exhaustion on the faces of the shop workers! I just hope that those who have stripped those shelves actually eat what they have bought. It would be tragic to think of all that wasted while people who needed it couldn’t get the basics!

You may be wondering about the hand sanitiser. Well, it never arrived. The delivery was diverted to the NHS. I have no problem with this apart from the concern that it had to be done but I am aware of the shortage. Again I hope those with stashes at home do actually use it. Soap and water is fine at home but I would have liked to have some in the car/handbag when out but I guess that will be less necessary in the weeks to come. I wasn’t being greedy. Just one bottle would have been fine.

So what now

For the next few weeks I’ll be walking the dog, spring cleaning the house, working in the garden, doing half an hour a day on the exercise bike and reading all those books I never got round to. I’m recording some old escapist TV programmes and trying to limit my viewing of Corona virus programmes of which there are an increasing number on prime time (can’t we just keep it to the news channels?). 

I’ve given up alcohol and am back on the diet so if I avoid infection I’ll be thinner, fitter and healthier when all this is over. It’s a hell of a way to do it though!

I’ll miss my coffees and lunches with friends but we are keeping in contact via email & social media.

Stay safe, stay healthy and follow the advice folks, you know it makes sense! And please, please, please be kind to the healthcare workers, shop workers and delivery drivers without whom we will not survive!

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