It’s been a while!

Is anyone else just feeling exhausted. Climate change, Brexit, uncertainty generally. It’s a wonder we haven’t all gone mad by now.

Tonight I headed off for my sound bath. Unfortunately we were double booked and the Pilates class got in first. Hey Ho! The fact that that is my response rather than my usual rant is a reflection of the total enervation caused by the ongoing political and world issues. Did I mention Syria? That’s been going on for years but now (thanks to the US President) more awfulness.

So I’ll have to wait until next week to get my chakras aligned. Meanwhile I have the joys of my 6 monthly dental check tomorrow and a week of uncertainty in Parliament.

Oh how I wish I could just plod on carrying out the day to day routine without caring about the macro problems of the world. Not my style & never has been!

Time to embrace the positive.

By 11am tomorrow I’ll be free of the dental clinic (& know the worst but have a plan).

Next Monday my chakras will be better aligned.

I have a day out in Torridon for lunch with a friend on Thursday & next week I have a meeting to finalise the plan for the 24 hours of Reality session in Muir of Ord for the Climate Reality Project (just channelling my Greta Thunberg!).

I and everyone else can make a difference (to most things).

It’s that time of the year when the nights draw in and the wish to just hibernate becomes acute. It’s exacerbated by the imminent Brexit ‘do or die’ on 31st (Hallowe’en – who thought that was a good idea!?). But we all know that the sun still rises and spring will return and that there’s a pretty good chance that Hallowe’en will come and go with the usual door knocking from the local children dressed up and performing but without the divorce from the EU.

Meanwhile I have a warm house, a full freezer & a cat and dog who live in the moment – I just wish I could learn from them! I do try!

Whatever awfulness occurs in the next month or so Toby & Harry will still demand attention and give me love & the sun will come up & set (later & earlier until midwinter but  then earlier & later).

Tomorrow the sun will shine somewhere & will rise even if not seen.

Tomorrow someone will do something to help their fellow man & woman.

Tomorrow there will be myriad small acts of kindness throughout the world to celebrate.

If you can, do something positive to help a neighbour, save the planet or just breathe the air and appreciate the world you live in. You will feel better for it (and so will others).

Carpe deum! Seize the day! (Well after 11am anyway! 🙂 )


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