Climate and Ecological Emergency Declared By Highland Council


I am so pleased to be able to report this following a debate at The Highland Council today. It’s the first time since I left that I really wanted to be in the chamber to contribute. The good news is that many councillors did contribute and contribute passionately and well. What started off as a slightly wishy washy motion on climate issues was first amended to include reference to a climate emergency and was eventually passed as a declaration both climate and ecological emergency and with specific processes in place to ensure progress and monitoring of future work to be done & with an aim to be climate neutral by 2025.

Many councillors spent time talking to Extinction Rebellion Protestors before the meeting and I’m sure this had an effect and strengthened the resolve of those who voted for the motion.

After leaving the council I trained as a Climate Reality Leader and have done my best to get the message out to local people including local and National politicians.

The Highlands are moving forward and this motion will ensure that local politicians will be committed to reducing the effects of climate change and will be speaking up for the specific needs of this large and mostly rural area in Scotland.

Below is a copy of the motion as amended passed by the Highland Council. Thanks to Pippa Hadley for the information.


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