Why ‘Jean’s (sometimes inconvenient) Blog’?


Well I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while but the stumbling block has always been what to call it. Clever titles, linking to FB & Tw seamlessly and making sure that there was not something of a similar title (and not necessarily salubrious content) always defeated me. So I went back to first principles – Jean’s Blog. Simple yes, boring also yes but hey I wanted to get started.

What to blog about? Well things that interest me. Things I care about. Politics, community, climate change and of course my lovely pets.

This year I had the honour of being selected to attend one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality training events. He, ex US VP, of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and”An Inconvenient Sequel’ films about climate change. Oh and I can be pretty inconvenient about things I don’t like relating to issues I’m passionate about!

So I may not always be inconvenient (though it’s likely!) and there will be lots of calming photos of my lovely four pawed family but if there’s something I want to say publicly on any of the listed subjects (or something else) it is to be found here!

(Sits back and waits for the comments on my first posts – be kind, I’m new to this – but I will not be silenced!).

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