My four footed friends.

So let’s start with the four pawed family members. There are currently three. 


Claiming seniority and ruling the household is Toby the cat (now about 15). He was a rescue, black and white, so he was nicknamed Toby Tuxedo. Sometimes ‘posh ears’ – he has little tufts on his ears suggesting a heritage other than plain British mog. Toby loved his previous dog, the late great ‘special one’ Ralf, and tolerates my current older dog Rio. Toby is however completely unaccepting of the newest arrival and two years on refuses to engage other than to whack him across the nose if he gets too close!


Rio is a now elderly golden retriever (13). Half brother to the late Ralf, he has a few health problems but, provided he keeps taking his medication, lives quietly enjoying gentle walks smelling the local vegetation. He still gets excited from time to time and can bounce off the furniture if the mood takes him. He’s a real gent and loves being petted by the neighbourhood children.


Harry is the junior in the house, active, ‘barky’ and curious. Still a little overenthusiastic in his greetings at age 2 but very chilled when nothing too interesting around. He enjoys walks, chasing cats (except Toby – he has learnt the consequences) and birds. He still has a tendency to chew and dig if bored but is growing into a super dog. He has adventures with his doggie borrowers and comes home exhausted.



Finally a mention of the Special One. He was a star and still missed. He died aged 10 from osteosarcoma and spent the last year of his life as a three legged dog. He coped well and taught me much about dealing with what was a truly nasty disease. Run free my love – this is how I choose to remember you!

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