Welcome to my site!

I started this blog in 2018, 6 years after the Olympics in London (and elsewhere in the UK) had just finished. We were positive, proud and forward looking. Maybe we can be again though the recent years have been tough to understand or accept! Meanwhile this is the place to read about what I think. I’ll be writing about politics, pets, my community and the climate (& anything else which grabs my attention). I hope it will be positive though I can’t guarantee that. My views. Not doctrine of any group or Party. Just how I see things when I’m motivated to write. Join me. You may be surprised!

About me

Retired doctor, ex councillor and Parliamentary candidate, Currently Climate Reality Leader, European, gardener, life watcher, language learner & pet carer living in the Scottish Highlands.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
― George Bernard Shaw